General Guide Lines:

We are committed to offering our customers the most trendy, innovative, stylish and flawless products. In case the ordered product fails to meet the expectation or concern whether the product is damaged, then the following policy will apply:


We have no influence oversize, and we process your requests entirely to your chosen measure. On the off chance that it isn’t as indicated by fit, sent a demand to the client benefit group inside three (3) days after the entry of item. Estimate outlines are included for client accommodation all attire with the exception of stock.

Note, there will be no profits/trade of erroneous sizes following three days for standard and custom items. It is fundamental that you cross check your estimations deliberately before submitting a request.


In case the color differs from the online image, sent a few pictures of the ordered product within (3) days. We will replace it or refund the cash only when non-availability of color. (Conditions Applied)

Trial Products:

No exchange or refunds will be issued on ordering products for trial purpose.

Cancellation of Order:

Any request for order cancellation will be issued as per the clauses mentioned below:

  • Confirm cancellation within (3) days of order or will result into a direct/flat deduction of 25% from your ordered item amount.
  • However, if requested cancellation is within a (7) days, there will be 45% deduction from the item amount.
  • No requests for order cancellation will be done after (7) days of confirmation.

Each product we receive for return or refund is inspected by the quality control department to determine that the product is exactly the same as ordered from our website.

If the product is somehow damaged during the shipment, only then you will get a replacement shipped at our expense. If your product is damaged, please email and specifying the extent of damage within (24) hours.


Refunds will be done just when conveyance surpasses (29) days for any item after the escape installment affirmation. This stipulated period begins from the time we get a last request affirmation from the client. Further, if the relegation does not touch base inside (6) working days in the wake of delivery by express shipment, you may approach us to arrange following code. On the off chance that we can’t demonstrate that the transfer was dispatched to the address that was given for the request, we will start a full discount including the shipment charges.