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How can I contact if I have any more questions?

Like all other reliable companies also offers its valued customers with various ways of contacting them. The customers can login to their accounts and use the live chat option or they can send an email with their queries, complaints and suggestions.

How can I apply coupon?

When you have a coupon in most of the cases you can use a valid coupon at the time of making payment, you are asked about the coupon number and when you add that number to your payment details you get the discount for which the coupon was offered.

Do You Make Customize Sizes?

Like all other leading apparel making companies of the world also offers you the customization of the apparel. If you do not find your size in the size chart provided by the company you can contact the company for a customized outerwear and the customer care representative guides you.

How do I order and pay for products?

All you have to do to place your order is to visit the website of and browse the gallery. Once you have selected the item, you should select the size that you want and add it to your cart. After adding to cart a billing page appears in which you have to fill all necessary fields and then select your mode of payment. We, at accept payments made through credit cards, debit cards of the leading companies and PayPal.

Is ordering online secure?

At our website we have used the best financial security systems. There is no chance of fraud unless and until you share your passwords and codes with some non-reliable sources. So, placing an online order is as secure as buying the products personally.

Do you ship orders worldwide?

Yes, the demand of our products is widespread and people living from Africa to Australia and from America to Middle East want to buy our exquisite range of leather jackets. We ship our products to all the places where international courier services operate.

How will I know if my order has been received?

When you visit our website and shop for a product you are required to fill a billing form in which all the important shipping information is provided. After making the payment you receiver a payment verification email. Once you confirm that you have received the email you will be able to login to your account and check your shopping history.

Where can I look for information on the order I placed?

When we ship your desired article we provide you with a tracking number of the courier company that you could use to track your order. Before the product is handed over to the courier companies you need to click on my account and check for the information about the orders placed by you.

Do you ship orders worldwide?

Yes, we ship orders worldwide, there is no country other than the Russian federation where we do not ship the products. From the Asian countries to the middle east and from America to Africa there is no place where we do not deliver goods made by our skillful leather jacket manufacturing companies.

Why do I need to register?

You need to register with us to get the latest updates about upcoming events like sales and special discounts. The registered members can avail of several offers like free shipping, and up to 70%, 60% of 40% discounts sometimes in the sales flat discount is also offered.

Are There Any Promo Codes Or Offers?

The companies do offer Promo codes and offer from time to time but they are not always available for all the customers. You have to be a registered member of the website to be eligible for all the special offers made by the website.

How Do I Track My Order?

We use the most reliable courier services like UPS, DHL and FedEx. All these companies have an efficient tracking process that provides the customer with everyday destination of the shipment. We provide you a tracking number through email or SMS using which you can easily track your shipment.

Can I make a change after I’ve placed my order?

Our system is designed to start processing the order after one business day and once you have placed an order you can make changes in it within the first 24 hours as after one business day the order is in processing. Once one business day has passed you cannot make any changes in it.

Is placing your order protected at Domain online store?

At filmstarjacket store, all information is sheltered for your discretion. We use only PayPal checkout that is exceedingly secured and consists of 128 bit SSL encryption. After the order is attained, the payment directly goes to PayPal, and then we achieve it into our bank account.

Which payment you accept at

For your easiness, filmstarjacket store accepts the subsequent payments via major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I make the any adjustment after placing order on this website?

Any alteration or alteration can be made in 24 hours after placing your jacket’s order. Since our automatic system directly sends your order to the manufacturing section, you cannot cancel or alter it after 24 hours.

Where can I determine my order demand at filmstarjacket?

You will obtain the order’s verification via email explaining you the cost, shipping charges (if any), and order confirmation number.

Do you always offer Free shipping globally?

Every jacket comes with Free shipping universal apart from a few places where courier companies don’t deliver orders. Our customers in fact appreciate the Free shipping we through UPS, FedEx and DHL.

How does filmstarjacket price works?

For your buying ease, we have highlighted our described prices. The Pink coded price mentioned is the authentic prices of the product after every discount.

How long it takes to ship orders?

Since we use Expedited couriers services, it would not take more than 3-4 days after we ship out jacket from our depot. You can go through our shipping policies of our store for full information.

Is it crucial to register at first purchase?

To support you further expediently, you at first have to register to become our shopper and we can continue your data in our description, which is in actuality for customer’s protection. Just click the “Register” tab on “Login” on the Home page and without problems register your account.

Where does Domain buys all the unprocessed leather fabric?

We purchase all unprocessed leathers from the best hide-selling places around the world, which are side-effect-free and safe for humans. After buying amazing quality Hides, our skillful craftsmen convert them into great quality leather attires. This way, you can indisputably rely on our untouchable class of products.

How can Domain be contacted if buyer has any query or complexity?

Filmstarjacket can effortlessly be contacted & our purchaser care individuals are accessible via Live chat on our website. You can also send questions by Email. Every asked question will be answered within 24 hours.