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Tuxedo and Suit

The people who have witnessed the moon walking of the singing sensation known as Michael Jackson have also heard him sing the most popular songs of that time and seen him wearing the most stylish and fashionable tuxedo suit in one public appearance and a blazer suit in another. In his albums like thriller and ‘Beat It’ he wore many other glitzy garments that made a lot of stir in the fashion industry. Though the market at that time was not short of blazers and tuxedos but the ones worn by the brilliant music composer and singer became the trend of the town and even beyond. Not only the people of the western countries followed the trends set by Michael Jackson but the Asian and African fans of the moon walker also loved wearing what he wore and still do. The designer blazer suit worn by Michael Jackson was so expensive that no one from his middle class fans cold even think of buying it. The redesigning industry has now come up with designs with a small difference to avoid copyright infringement case. The firms like Filmstarjacket have now made the blazer suits affordable for all. The red colored blazer that Michael Jackson was seen wearing is one of the most loved Michael Jackson apparel. It was a cotton blazer in red color it had a shirt style collar and full length open sleeves.

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