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Fleece Jacket

For all those people who live in places where winters are harsh but they hate wearing leather jackets and feel uncomfortable in them the second-best option is that of wearing fleece. Especially when the weather is changing from hot to cold and vice versa and leather jackets feel too warm you can wear fleece jackets and keep yourself warm without getting any uncomfortable feeling. If you are looking for something casual that you can wear in routine the best thing is a fleece jacket. The apparel manufacturers have been working hard to make a variety of fleece jackets so that the customer requirements could be easily met. The most commonly sought-after fleece jackets are the following. Varsity Jackets When you are a part of an institution you have to wear a piece of apparel that has the marking of that institute so that the people know where you belong. These jackets are called varsity jackets. The sports team of every school, college, and university have to wear varsity jackets. Most of the varsity jackets have an alphabet of the initial of university either printed at the back or on one side of the chest. The majority of apparel makers make the varsity jackets with fleece as it is very light in weight and provides the ultimate protection and ease of movement. The Hoodie Jackets In the western world the use of hoodies is very common. The young guys like wearing hoodie jackets as they are the most popular attire for street style clothing. The apparel makers know this fact and make ample amount of fleece hoodies each year to meet the requirements of the young customers. Almost all the hoodies have a drawstring hoodie and ribbed cuffs and waistline for snug-fitting.

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