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Mens Jackets

Though at present, the apparel industry manufacturers outerwear for both genders and all ages it once used to make only men’s jackets in different materials. But today there is an endless variety of mens jackets available in the market. The more you roam about in the apparel store the more variety of men’s jackets you will notice in the market. There are some types of men’s jackets that are always in demand and the apparel industry has to work hard to meet the requirement of the masses. The men who fall into the bracket of 18-45 years of age are the real fashion followers and are always ready to invest in their outlook. The following are some of the jackets that they are always willing to spend on. The Bomber Jacket The bomber jackets are the hot favorite for men of his age. The bomber jackets are usually waist-length jackets that have a ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistline. Most of the bomber jackets have four pockets at the front of the garment two of them are on the chest and two on the waist. The bomber jackets once were made only with leather but with the passage of time the trend changed and now the jackets are also made with nylon, polyester, and cotton material. The Biker Jacket The young men who ride bikes need some protective gear that could save them from impact when they fall by accident. The industry has been making a number of biker jackets with the toughest types of leather. They design the biker jackets with extra padding on the shoulders and elbows so that they do not get injured in case of a fall or accident.

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