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The Well-Designed Red Dead Redemption Outfits and how to unlock them

Well-Designed Red Dead Redemption Outfits and Costumes Ideas

The Well-Designed Red Dead Redemption Outfits and how to unlock them

Red Dead Redemption is the name of the game played using different gaming platforms of PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar games on 18th May 2010. According to the game critics, 13 different outfits are used in the game, and all these outfits were like by the gamers at the time of the release of the game and still are liked by a number of gamers. During the game, all the outfits cannot be seen or used, and the player has to buy the outfits or complete different missions to get the outfit unlocked. The following is a brief introduction of some of the red dead outfits and the ways to purchase them and unlock them.

Cowboy Outfit

To get the cowboy outfit, the player does not have to complete a task or buy it as it is the one that is given to the player at the start of the game. It is the default attire of Marston.

Duster Coat

This outfit is needed for the completion of the game but to unlock this attire, and the player has to reach the honor ranking of the ‘Peacemaker.’

 The ‘Elegant Suit’

The player can buy the elegant suit from the tailor in thieves landing. This suit helps in cheating while playing poker. It is required for the completion of the game.

Legend of The West

It can be unlocked only after achieving the four major levels of the game that include the survivalist, the treasure hunter, the sharpshooter, and the Master Hunter. It helps increase dead eye ability. It is also required for the completion of the game.

Mexican Poncho

The Mexican Poncho unlocks when you buy any safe house in Mexico for $150. It does not have any perks, but it is compulsory for the completion of the game.

US Marshal Uniform

In the game, the player has to infiltrate all the hideouts of US gang in one day but to do this, the player of the game has to complete the mission of ‘The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed. The US law and Marshals won’t pursue you.

Bollard Twins Outfit

Some of the outfits of this game are unlocked by killing a member of the Bollard Twin gang or gathering the outfit’s scrap. Generally speaking, tracking the outfitting progress is one of the easiest ways to collect outfit scraps. The Bollard Twin gang will remain friendly with the player as long as he does not start combat.

Treasure Hunter Outfit

In the game, the outfit gets unlocked when eth player kills a member of the treasure hunt gang or by collecting the scraps of the outfit. If the outfit is not unlocked already, it gets unlocked while completing the mission of Seth called ‘Let the dead bury their dead. The treasure hunter gang members become friendly to you until you show some aggression. This outfit is also required for the completion of the game.


This outfit also gets unlocked when you kill a member of the Bandito gang and by collecting a scrap of the outfit. The outlaws welcome you to Mexico until you turn aggressive. This outfit is also necessary for the completion of the game.

Gentleman Attire

Gentleman attire can get unlocked only when you link your PSN ID/ Gamer tag. You can also participate in high-stakes games of poker in Blackwater. This outfit does not have any role in-game completion.

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