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The Role of Goro Majima In The Yakuza Series?

Goro Majima

The Role of Goro Majima In The Yakuza Series?

Goro Majima jacket

The Japanese word Yakuza stands for a gangster. The Yakuza in eth present time is a franchise of the Video game series that is not only owned but also created and published by none other than Sega. If you have a look at the history of the Word Yakuza you will get to know that back in the 17th century there was a group of people that were called Yakuza. It had 25,900 members. Most of the Yakuza members were involved in illegal activities and used to earn a lot of money through them.

In the Sega games, Yakuza video game series one of the most powerful, popular, and recurring characters is that of Goro Majima. In the role-playing game Yakuza, the most commonly played protagonist role is that of Goro Majima. In fact, the only do-gooder of the whole Yakuza series seems to be Goro Majima.

In the video game series Yakuza, Goro Majima appears in every level of the game and its remakes too. He was the captain of the Shawano family and served the club sunshine as its manager. He was the former head of the Majima family. He served as the president of Majima constructions. Goro Majima also served as lieutenant advisor of the 6th Tojo Clan chairman.

In the video game series, the character of the yakuza is displayed to its maximum. In the game is shown as a man of his words. In the game, the Shimano family is considered to be a high-ranking group of the Tojo clan. The strength of character of the character of Goro Majima is displayed with his expulsion from the group for not obeying the orders. The man has many more powers that make him special and that are his speed in doing every task. His expertise in everything he does can be seen easily. He is an expert in using different types of weapons and especially his dagger.

Among all other things, there is one more thing that helps Goro Majima stand out among the crowd. It is a jacket that the apparel industry called has specially designed to be used by the fans of Goro Majima. The jacket is made with black and cream-colored satin fabric. The beautiful outerwear for men is lined with soft and smooth viscose material. The jacket has full-length sleeves that have ribbed cuffs for snug-fitting. The smart and trendy-looking jacket is provided with a strong branded zipper for front closure. The collar of the fashion attire is also ribbed and is liked by the wearer so much that the apparel manufacturers cannot make the changes in them. The yakuza group has a logo of its own which is printed at the back of the Yakuza jacket

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