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The Best Halloween Costumes Seen In The Movies

The Best Halloween Costumes Seen In The Movies

The Best Halloween Costumes Seen In The Movies

The Best Halloween costumes enter the market just before the month of October begins as the day is celebrated in western countries on the 31st of October. The people who watch movies regularly don’t have to bother a lot about designing their Halloween costumes as they get a lot of ideas from the movies that they watch as a number of Hollywood movies have such scenes in which Halloween celebrations are shown. Usually, the people who use movie-inspired Halloween outfits make a few changes in them to make them a bit scarier. The following are some of the movie-inspired Halloween apparel that has been in demand for many years.

Maleficent Costumes

The people who participate in Halloween parades and throw Halloween parties are always in need of costumes that are dark and scary enough to frighten the people. Maleficent is a 2014 movie in which the dress of the main character of Maleficent became very popular among the masses as it had everything needed in a perfect Halloween dress. It is a black-colored costume that is made of lightweight material at the start and becomes heavier every inch and looks like more of a sculpture. There is a cape attached to it. The collar of the costume is made of leather. The costume has only a few adornments as compared to many other. Maleficent wears a cap with two big black horns on it. The costume has been very popular since 2014 which is the year of release of the movie Maleficent. Some of the apparel industries design the Maleficent costume with layers of clothes that give the sleeves a wing-like look. The costume is used in many other forms that include the ones that are manufactured in colors like maroon, dark blue, dark brown, and many more colors.

Hades from Hercules

In the Hercules movie released in the year 2014, the former Wrestler Dwayne Johnson has played the role of Hercules. Like Hercules, he is seen wearing a number of such outfits that can be best used for Halloween. The costumes that Hades is seen wearing in the movie is perfect Halloween attire and the people who have once seen the movie never opt for other dresses that are randomly sold in the market. It is usually a gray-colored long robe like those worn by the Greek Gods.

Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is a 1988 horror comedy film that became very popular among the masses. In the series, the dresses that Miss Argentina wears can make a fabulous Halloween dress. It is also known as the Miss Dead Receptionist costume. It is a red-colored printed dress that has a spaghetti strap on the shoulders and cuts at the bottom edge to give it its special look. There is a cape attached to it that has a pointed collar.

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